Talking Points Memo: Wis. Senate GOPers Vote To Fine Fugitive Dems $100 Per Day

March 2, 2011- Wisconsin state Senate Republicans have taken another move to put the screws to Senate Democrats who have fled the state in order to block a budget quorum on Gov. Scott Walker's anti-public employee union proposals.

As WisPolitics reports, the Senate has passed a resolution fining members who are absent without leave for two or more session days, at a rate of $100 per day of absence. AWOL members would also be required to "Reimburse to the senate the actual costs incurred in compelling the attendance of the member."

The Senate had previously taken other steps to make things hard for the Dems. The direct-deposit of their Senate pay was suspended, requiring them to show up in person at the Capitol — in effect, to provide a quorum — in order to collect a check. In addition, their staffers have lost access to the Capitol's copy machines, and must pay for all paper printed in their offices.


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