Crooks & Liars: Russian TV Covers Wisconsin Protests While US Media Ignores Them

February 27, 2011- One of our comments asked "has it really come to this?" where we're seeing a report on Russian television on how the US media has collectively ignored what's going on in Wisconsin? Sadly, yes we have. Our corporate media in America have done their best to ignore these protests and Russia Today has not.

From Russia Today — The Other Story: Home Made Uprising in Madison Wisconsin:

The turbulence in the Arab world has drawn the full attention of the American media. Riots and demonstrations in Libya and Bahrain are dominating the news channels' at primetime, and the newspaper front pages. As Lauren Lyster reports, while U.S. leaders fly the flag for popular uprisings thousands of miles away, it's a very different story at home.

I'll just add that the only thing I'll give the US media credit for as opposed to this coverage by Russian TV is that the US media didn't give Alex Jones any coverage. They're not doing themselves any favors by putting him on and just giving the media here an excuse to marginalize their coverage by doing so. That said, it's pretty pathetic that our foreign media is doing a better job of covering the protests in Wisconsin and speaking out for the rights of working people, while our press here is all but ignoring the protests and running celebrity gossip stories to fill their time instead of getting out to the state houses across the country where protesters were showing up.


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