Truthout: Democratic Senators Leave State to Stall Bill as Mass Protests Continue

February 18, 2011- Madison, Wisconsin - In a continuing attempt to stall a vote on the anti-union bill proposed by Gov. Scott Walker, the 14 Democratic senators have left the state with state troopers dispatched by Republican Senate leaders on their heels.

Without at least one additional senator in the chamber, the GOP does not have the majority quorom to vote on the bill, which has been called the biggest assault on worker's rights in Wisconsin and would effectively strip collective bargaining rights from most public-sector unions. Wisconsin was the first state in the nation to give all public-sector workers bargaining rights in 1959.

More than 20,000 people, including students, public and private workers, flooded the state capitol in Madison for the fifth day running, calling for the governor to "kill the bill" and cheering Democratic representatives as they came out of the state assembly meeting Friday morning. Fifteen school districts across the state were closed Thursday.


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