Buzzflash: Things Don’t Go Better With the Koch Brothers

February 12, 2011- Things don't go better with the Koch brothers.

It's amazing that many middle-class Americans fall for the siren song that government is the source of all evil when many global corporations are putting US citizens out of work; sitting on profits generated by gullible consumers; and polluting our air, water and food.

That's why the Koch brothers are the latest in a long line of ultra-wealthy, right-wing investors in running the federal government through owning politicians and financing propaganda that diverts attention from corporate misdeeds.

Koch Industries will have to spend a lot - billions of dollars, perhaps - if climate change laws are passed or regulations put into effect. Not to mention that the Koch brothers represent a whole wing of billion-dollar corporate polluters who want the EPA to be defanged.

As a result, the Republicans, particularly in the House, have marked the EPA as one key target in budget reduction - and vigorously oppose protecting us from global warming.

The Republican strategy of attacking the deficit is a shrewd move to reduce positive restraints on corporations. In the financial sector, for instance, this means Republican proposals to cut the budgets of agencies that regulate banks and Wall Street.

The Koch brothers know how to fund front organizations to stir up Americans who feel displaced by inciting them with emotional diversions. It's a magic trick, of sorts, to distract our eyes while our pockets are picked and our lungs are filled with toxins.

No, things don't go better with the Koch brothers. In fact, they will get a whole lot worse.


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