Technorati: Liberty Central: Repo’d by the Koch Brothers?

Virginia Thomas is sidelined by new management with Koch brothers ties.

November 18, 2010- Even before the Anita Hill phone message, it had become increasingly clear that Ginni Thomas was a “loose cannon.” Who knew what might spill out next? So in short order earlier this week, Ginni Thomas was pushed aside and a new Liberty Central leader, an attorney named Sarah Field, said she’s the new spokesperson. If my attempts to find or contact her are any indication, Fields appears to be a very good secret keeper.

On November 15th, The Washington Post reported that Liberty Central’s long-established publicist (who never returned my emails anyway) said Thomas would be stepping down, “She'll take a back seat so that Liberty Central can continue with its mission without any of the distractions.” This came as a surprise to me and other Ginni watchers since – near as we could tell – Liberty Central’s only “mission” consisted of incoherent pep talks at tea party rallies and selling something called the “Liberty Foam Visor.” (It aims to make any woman look like that famous French lady on Ellis Island.) The publicist also reported that Liberty Central would be merging with the Patrick Henry Center, a nearby nonprofit promoting the legacy of its namesake.

Later that same afternoon, Sarah Field, now identifying herself as the spokesperson for Liberty Central, debunked the merger rumor but confirmed that Thomas would play a reduced role. She said “The sources of this story appear to be people without full understanding of the facts.” We can probably assume by “sources” she means Ginni Thomas. Coup d'état anyone?

Ms. Field is notable in that her last employer was the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, where she flogged something called the “Science of Liberty.” When I called the Koch Foundation looking for her, they first said they didn’t know her. Then they said I could leave a message for her.


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