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The Koch Brothers Are Back

HERE COME the big money boogeymen. Be very afraid. Yesiree, if Charles and David Koch didn’t exist, liberal fund-raisers would have to invent them. What perfect role players! Here they come again, the freespending, deep-pocketed, right-wing bros from Wichita, Kansas (by way of MIT), ready to steal another national election. Just last month, at their…


Koch Central Bank Freedom Partners Distributed Millions In Dark Money In 2013

WASHINGTON — Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the central hub of the political empire of the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, reported raising $57.5 million in 2013 and disbursing $41.7 million to organizations in the Koch network. Freedom Partners, founded under the radar in 2011, emerged in 2012 as the main bank for Koch-related…


Secret audio nails Mitch! Endangered McConnell busted humiliating himself on tape

This year Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell chose to spend Father’s Day with two GOP political sugar daddies, Charles and David Koch, at their annual retreat, this time at the lovely St. Regis Monarch Bay resort in Orange County, California. As befit the day, McConnell brought the love: “I want to start by thanking you,…


Koch Brothers Revealed In Damning Film Exposé

The billionaire Koch brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars because they don’t want the government messing with Americans’ lives or businesses. But a film coming out this week aims to show that they’re perfectly willing to put their own thumbs on the scales of other people’s freedom, often with heartbreaking consequences. “Koch Brothers…

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