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The Koch Brothers Are the New Brothers Grimm

By CD - Posted on 22 July 2011

-Blogged by Jillian Barclay on Winning Progressive

In the 1800s, the Brothers Grimm wrote a series of fairy tales, such as Hansel and Gretel and Snow White, that were far more gruesome, creepy, and twisted than the sanitized versions of those stories that Disney has now created. Today, the role of the Brothers Grimm is being filled by the Koch Brothers. Unfortunately, the fairy tales they are writing are threatening to create a gruesome, creepy, and twisted future for our society.

You have heard of David and Charles Grimm-Koch. But do you really know who they are? What they stand for? How they are writing a new fairy tale for America? These two are multi-billionaire brothers who are both in their 70′s. They are purchasing the United States, and they seek control of all policy making in the United States. Their philosphy: Why run for one political office when you can buy many political offices? Their efforts are designed to gain as much influence as possible at every level of government: federal, state and local, leaving no stone unturned.

The Grimm-Koch Brothers have personally contributed millions of dollars to federal, state and local candidates who agree with their radical anti-government principles. They contribute heavily to the Republican Governors Association and the Chamber of Commerce. The contributions to just these two organizations are in the millions. Their front organization, Americans For Prosperity, founded in 2004 by David Koch, is supposedly a grass roots organization, but how many grass roots organizations were founded and receive funding and direction from billionaires and their mega-corporations?

David Grimm-Koch’s Run For Vice-President! The Platform? All Social Programs Will Destroy Freedom!

The Grimm-Koch brothers used to work behind the scenes, until 1980, when David Koch ran for vice-president on a ticket that included Ed Clark as the Libertarian presidential candidate. They ran against Ronald Reagan and their ticket promised to abolish:

Social Security
the Federal Reserve Board
the minimum wage
corporate taxes
the SEC
the EPA
the FTC
the FBI
the CIA
the Dept of Energy
public schools

According to New York Times columnist Frank Rich, “His campaign called for the abolition not just of Social Security, federal regulatory agencies and welfare, but also of the FBI, the CIA, and public schools.” Since then the Libertarian party has become increasingly visible, and so have the Grimm-Koch brothers. They again emerged publicly during the Clinton era. Their lobbying efforts increased. They state that they are still libertarians and that all social programs beginning with the New Deal will destroy freedom in this country. The current dissatisfaction with the economy has given them the opportunity to not only lobby, but to orchestrate a movement.

The Grimm-Kochs have not changed their end game. They still believe and hope for the same things. The danger is that these brothers do more than just hope. They have put their gruesome American fairy tale into motion. They back their end game with dollars!



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