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Desperation: “We Are Firing Employees Who Signed Wisconsin Recall Petitions”

By CD - Posted on 13 February 2012

-Blogged by Anomaly at Freak Out Nation

February 12, 2012- With enthusiastic recall efforts for Governor Scott Walker (Koch-R) persevering, the desperation to keep the besieged union basher in office is increasing.

‘Floyd’ writes, “Stan, Thank you for writing and printing the manual on the legal way to fire someone who signed the recall petition. I had one employee who always showed up to work on-time, did his job well, passed his drug test, and worked well in a team environment. If knot for Section 3, paragraph A on page 5 of your manual; he would still be employed. Thanks Stan, I can now hire a conservative to replace him.”

Another Facebook page has been formed to undercut the recall effort. If you recall (see what I did there?), there was a previous Facebook page outed by the recall effort. An anonymous group called Operation Burn Notice – which is no longer in existence — coordinated an effort designed to destroy petitions signed to recall Governor Walker.

And now we have this one titled, ‘We are firing employees who signed Wisconsin recall petition’ linking back to ‘Never hire Democrats.’

He continues, “Some people can’t hide emotion. Walk into a room with your employees and shout “F— SCOTT WALKER!” and look at their faces. Someone might even be stupid enough to holler back approval or clap. Those are the people you fire.”

And, “After someone has been hired? Of course. An aptitude exam can be administered and if the offending malcontent does not reach the minimum threshold, they can be terminated~Fenton”

And so, this dubious page has been given the fact treatment (those pesky trivialities in life). After the page’s owner insisted the protests were becoming redundant, Leah states, “Perhaps it had something to do with them removing collective bargaining rights something Reagan actually supported.”

Facts weren’t met with congenial behavior, thus highlighting the ignorance on this page. I particularly enjoy the attempt at disparaging liberals, “Is anyone aware if we can fire someone for having a low IQ? From reading the comments on this page, it is very apparent that liberals are just plain stupid. ~ Floyd”

Idiot. Maybe these lefty scumbags SHOULD be able to murder their babies before they are spawned~ Stan.

In words the owner of this deliciously desperate Facebook page can comprehend, ‘Scumbag’ Walker will be recalled. The page owners have kicked me out, although, I said nothing vulgar. I just linked to this post. So, I lay cowering in a corner sucking my thumb in a fetal postion, feeling defeated. Do drop by and say hello.



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