You are hereThe Young Turks: Busted! Fox News Union Fight Tape Selectively Edited

The Young Turks: Busted! Fox News Union Fight Tape Selectively Edited

"As my colleague Jennifer Preston reported, there were scuffles between union activists and supporters of Michigan's Republican-dominated Legislature outside the state Capitol in Lansing on Tuesday, as the lawmakers approved sweeping changes to the way unions will be financed.

At one stage during the tense standoff, union members opposed to the so-called right-to-work legislation ripped down a tent erected by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity. Several supporters of the conservative group recorded video of their efforts to defend the tent, but the footage that got the most attention, with more than half a million views on YouTube, was an 80-second clip that showed a conservative comedian named Steven Crowder getting punched in the face by a union activist."*

Steven Crowder is a "comedian" a Fox News "reporter," and a "victim." It has been revealed that his claim he was unreasonably attacked by "union thugs" at a Michigan Right to Work Law protest are false, supported by footage that actually aired on Fox News. Cenk Uygur breaks down the latest chapter of Fox News clownishness.


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