You are hereAlterNet: Hidden Koch Brother Abuse Exposed in the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

AlterNet: Hidden Koch Brother Abuse Exposed in the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

-by Robert Greenwald

October 3, 2011- Uncovered emails between lobbyists and oversight officials in the Obama administration reveal new pay-to-play tactics favored by Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers who donate millions to promote an anti-government agenda.

The brothers stand to make a fortune from an international oil pipeline that’s making headlines for its divisiveness and the shady tactics its developers are using. We have been exposing the Koch brothers‘ involvement in the Keystone XL oil pipeline and we continue the fight to protect American homes and farmland.

The Keystone pipeline is dangerous for so many reasons that it’s hard for media reports to capture them all. Through their subsidiaries and refineries, the Koch brothers are positioned to grow their ever-expanding profits if the pipeline is approved.

The New York Times editorialized against the oil pipeline, and new emails expose a government that’s been bought off by lobbyists–a longtime staple of Koch business strategy.

The Keystone XL oil pipeline would traverse almost 2,000 miles of American homes and farmlands, cross six states and has drawn the ire of Democratic and Republican governors for the environmental concerns it poses. It would go straight through one of America’s most important aquifers.



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