Reverend Manny: How Americans for Prosperity spent its summer (and Koch’s Millions)

August 23, 2010- There’s a lot of billionaire money swirling around the stupidest parts of our American discourse these days. Here is a list of what Americans for Prosperity did with their time and money this summer. Just one neo-conservative funnel, Americans for Prosperity spent their billionaire bundles to make our discourse more stupid, regressive and generally profitable for massive companies. This year they’ve raised $26 million for this purpose alone. Wait’ll you hear how much they plan on spending.

Who is Americans for Prosperity?
Americans for Prosperity is a think-tank and political action group. They are a major bastion of corporate sponsored intellectual hacks and political activists. Over 88% of their funding comes from Koch Industries through the Claude R. Lambe Foundation, which is controlled by the Koch Brothers, one of the nation’s wealthiest and most regressive political families.

They essentially invest in buying media, passing off propaganda as news or passing corporatist talking points as intellectual discoveries. This past fall and spring for example Americans for Prosperity spent tons of money and propaganda on defeating health care reform. The Koch Brothers have essentially declared war on Obama.

Koch industries is one of the biggest, dirtiest and least ethical companies in America. They have long over-burdened our common resources while under-contributing to the common wealth pool.

PostCards from an Americans for Prosperity Summer

— Americans for Prosperity plans on spending $45 million this summer to influence politics and fall elections.

– This includes funding a $4-plus million, 11  state ad campaign by Americans for Prosperity, the biggest ad buy of the summer.

– Americans for Prosperity even threw a cookout to spread their ideas in New Hampshire.

– Americans For Prosperity started and continues to organize the November is Coming Project, which is targeting a second-tier of battleground states.

Americans for Prosperity California organized Right Online, an internet Right Winger Conference held on July 22-24, 2010 at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, where right wing greats like Michelle Bachmann spoke to a “devoted” crowd.

– Americans for Prosperity threw propaganda conferences that connected small-scale misinformed conservatives, (as well as fake “populist” blogs with a budget of 10-50 million and some 50 employees, including 13 in “finance“) with full-scale conservative shills.

– Americans for Prosperity payed for and initiated robocalls attempting to harass a local rep in Michigan with the hopes of blocking Pelosi-led legislation.

– Americans for Prosperity falsely claimed over 1.2 million “activists” in defense of doing Koch Industries’ dirty work.

– Americans for Prosperity put out misleading propaganda to the tune of one third of a million dollars in an attempt to unseat health-care reform supporter Betsy Markey of Colorado.

– Americans for Prosperity organized 15-people protests (of which they were half the crowd) in Grand Junction, Colorado and then pitched the story to “reporters.”

– On August 4 of this year, Americans for Prosperity attacked their own favorite candidate as Governor of Viriginia, which houses both the CIA and Pentagon, Bob McDonnell, for accepting a $800,000 grant to make Virigina’s state capitol “the greenest in the nation.” McDonnell is so conservative that as governor of Virginia he proclaimed his support for the Confederacy. 


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