Politicus USA: Wisconsin Republican Cowards Skulk Away After Shameful Vote

March 10, 2011- This is your late night snack. It’s meaty, it’s outrageous, and it will make you proud to call yourself an American. It will not, however, make you proud of the Republicans in Wisconsin who already shame this country on so many levels that their cowardice and inability to face their constituents should come as no surprise.

This is shame walking.

Watch the shameful Republican cowards skulk away from the people, leaving the Capitol through their secret tunnel (I guess the Democrat they locked out during the vote today wasn’t kidding when he said the Republicans got in through their secret tunnel….My bad), needing police protection after they broke the law and passed a bill unrelated to any budget issue in the dark, without a quorum while it has fiscal implications and without adequate notice and without ever sitting down with the people to hear their complaints. A bill that took away the people’s rights – rights guaranteed by the United Nations, but no longer safe here in the USA, thanks to the Republicans.

And while you watch these hard-working Americans yell, “Shame! Cowards!” at the Republicans who are being escorted to an undisclosed location because they have come for their constituents’ bread and handed it like thieves in the night to their corporate Kochs, remember that the Tea Party spit on Democrats who were out in the open at Town Halls discussing legislation. Gabby Giffords got shot talking to her constituents, by a crazy, paranoid person who shared Glenn Beck’s beliefs in big government. These folks were bravely doing their duty by their constituents, out in the open, like this government is supposed to work.


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