Press Release: Iraq Veterans against the war stand with the people of Madison.

March 9, 2011- In the midst of the growing protests in Madison, and across the Midwest, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently stated that he was preparing the National Guard to respond to any problems following the introduction of union-busting legislation in Wisconsin.

We are publicizing our statement in support of public sector workers in Wisconsin. You can share the statement with your friends.

We know that National Guard troops have been used in the past against striking workers, protesting students, and to quell urban rebellions in the U.S., at times with horrifying results (think Jackson and Kent State, 1970). But the recent events in Egypt remind us that service members have the power to side with the people.

That is why IVAW Midwest members are gathering in Madison this weekend to stand in solidarity with the workers and deliver a message to Governor Walker: troops and veterans support workers fighting for decent jobs, wages, and benefits. IVAW members around the country will attend local solidarity protests in their hometowns and cities as well.


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