Balloon Juice: Repealing child labor laws? It’s just common sense. Kids are useless anyway.

Posted by Angry Black Lady

March 8, 2011- Please, sir. Can I ‘ave some more?

Let’s face it. Kids are a drain on our society. What good are they? They just take up space, eat all the food, breathe all the air, and contribute nothing of value to society.

Well, comrades, this is a problem that the GOP plans to fix. No more handouts for these little crumbsnatching welfare queens. The Missouri GOP (Jane Cunningham, to be precise) is leading the way by trying, like, actually trying to repeal child labor laws.

Enter SB222, a bill that would result in (among other things):

■children under the age of 14 no longer being limited in being able to work;

■children being able to work during the school term without a permit;

■16-year-old children being able to work in hotels and motels without restriction on hours;

■the removal of restrictions on employing 16 year olds and requirements regarding obtaining certification and permits for children to work;

■the elimination of authority of the Director of the Division of Labor Standards to oversee employers of children;

■the removal of an evidentiary presumption that any child under the age of 16 present at a place where labor is employed is employed there.


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