Talking Points Memo: Easels, Crockpots, Vuvuzelas And Balloons Banned From WI Capitol

March 8, 2011- The Madison Capitol Police have posted a list of items not allowed in the Capitol on Tuesday, and if you were planning to whip up some chili and watch a rerun of last summer's World Cup final, you may be out of luck.

The following list of prohibited items was posted late Monday on the Department of Administration's Capitol Access Information blog:

•Animals (except service animals)
•Crockpots and other cooking appliances
•Extension cords
•Large bags, boxes, or storage containers for food or other items
•Massage chairs/beds
•Mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, etc.
•Musical Instruments and noisemakers (including air horns, buckets, drumsticks, trash can lids, vuvuzelas, etc.)
•Portable PA systems
•Signs or flags on sticks
•Tables, chairs, and other furniture
•Tape (masking, painter's, duct, transparent, etc.)
•Other items that may be considered inconsistent with a plan to depart the building at the posted closing time or whose use is considered a threat to public health or safety.

Visitors can only enter the building through the ground level North Hamilton Street and King Street entrances, and will be screened by law enforcement.


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