AlterNet: David H. Koch Does Damage Control, Spouts Lies and Hypocrisy in Rare Interview

March 5, 2011- Tea Party-funding, union-busting, climate change-denying David H. Koch wants you to think he is worried what you think of him. In a rare New York Times interview (granted at the opening of his Cancer Research Institute at MIT, no less) Koch was in full damage control mode, giving the most humble, self-abnegating quotes conjurable and painting himself a victim of liberal ill will. The prank call to Gov. Scott Walker, for instance, was “a case of identity theft,” he said, and that “I didn’t even know his name before this brouhaha erupted.” If that's true, it certainly seems irresponsible to be so obtuse about where his money goes — Koch Industries donated $43,000 to Walker's campaign, significantly helping him to get elected. But there's more!

Mr. Koch joked that the call could cause him problems. “I was thinking to myself, ‘My God, if I called up a senator or a congressman to discuss something with them, and they heard ‘David Koch is on the line,’ they’d immediately say, ‘That’s that fraud again — tell him to get lost!’ ” he said with a laugh

Mr. Koch said that only a relatively small portion of his giving goes to politics and public policy — most, he said, goes to cancer research, followed by cultural and educational institutions.

While the “relatively small portion” part may be true since the Kochs have more money than god, the statement is ridiculously misleading — they're bankrolling the Tea Party, spent $1,065,750 on the 110th Congress and, in '06, dropped $3,528,750 on lobbying. Meanwhile, Koch Industries rakes in the dough by exploiting its political ties, not only making life harder for you and me, but adding to their piles of wealth with taxpayer dollars — which, in turn, they feed back into right wing groups to further strip ordinary Americans of our rights in the name of scorched-earth capitalism.


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