Left In Alabama: Alabama Pols with Koch Money

March 2, 2011- Billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, and their Koch Industries empire, have been much in the news lately for their campaign contributions to anti-union Republicans in Wisconsin, Ohio and other states. Followthemoney.org has assembled a Noteworthy Contributor Overview Map (N-COM) revealing where the Koch money has been spent since 2003.

They support groups such as Americans for Prosperity that further their libertarian philosophy, sponsor gatherings of like-minded individuals, and make major political contributions. Those contributions – $2.1 million in the 2010 cycle – give insight into what the Kochs and their subsidiaries deem important.

By using N-COM, you can see all Koch Industries contributions for politicians in any state, for any period from 2003 to the present.

KI has contributed $38,000 to political candidates in Alabama, roughly 2/3 of it to Republicans. That doesn't make them a political heavy-hitter as compared to BCA, ALFA, AEA or Alabama Power, but they've spread their money widely, mostly in the Legislature. In fact, it looks like they've given to roughly half the Legislature, just in 2010.


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