Buzzflash: Dear Tea Party: You’ve Been Had

March 1, 2011-

Letter to all the Tea Party patriots of America,

Like a modern day Paul Revere I travel across our country calling the British are coming, the British are coming, although this time it is a much more sinister enemy that is coming to take our country.

I was the assistant curator of Old South Meeting House for several years during the bicentennial sharing the story of the Boston Tea Party to visitors and scholars. After working at Old South I was employed by the National Park Service and lectured at Bunker Hill and other revolutionary sites for two years. The Sons of Liberty organized their 1773 rally at Old South and marched to the harbor dumping tea into the bay to protest "taxation without representation."

Shortly after the December 16, 1773 Tea Party my great grandfather's great grandfather James McHenry was recruited by Benjamin Rush to join in the resistance and in June 1775 McHenry traveled from Philadelphia to Cambridge Port in Massachusetts to organize a field hospital. The Sons of Liberty asked McHenry to prepare to receive wounded patriots who may be injured in the battle at Breeds Hill in Charlestown which today we call the Battle of Bunker Hill. McHenry met George Washington during this time. McHenry was on Washington's staff during the revolution, was jailed by the British, signed the United States Constitution and was Secretary of War under Washington and Adams. As Secretary of War he was the founder of the United States military.

Once again America is faced with the problem of "Taxation without Representation" by unelected corporate leaders controlling our government. The Citizens United Supreme Court Case has provided an opportunity for corporate rulers to buy every election and has erased the democratic ideals of our founding fathers of "one person one vote" from American Democracy. How many Americans can pay millions to run a candidate for office or buy the votes of legislators? In 1773 the King of England was taxing the colony to pay for his war against France. Today transnational corporate executives are buying politicians and legislation that is transferring our tax dollars into their off shore bank accounts. Taxation with out representation that could threaten our democracy if we don't take action today.

The Tea Party has been manipulated by billionaires who inherited their wealth from families that exploited the American people to build their fortunes and extracted the nations resources at our expense. The platform created by these billionaires without your input will harm the rank in file of the Tea Party, transferring your taxes to these unelected secret rulers. Increases in military spending are directing your Social Security and Medicaid towards corrupt contractors unaccountable to the public. Unaccountable to the honest Tea Party supporters like yourself.


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