Newsvine: Koch cabal to plot planetary takeover Jan. 30-31: James Bond and/or just folks to the rescue?

Calling James Bond! These people are deadly serious! But do we really need a superhero? Maybe we just need a lot of ordinary heroes to give them an uncomfortably warm welcome…

January 5, 2011- The Koch Brothers are at it again and raising the spectre of S.P.E.C.T.R.E!

Not content with their multi-billionaire status and their already huge influence in the American political arena, they are seeking other like-minded and well-heeled megalomaniacs to plot their course toward total domination at a meeting set for January 30-31, 2011 at the exclusive Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Rancho Mirage, California, near Palm Springs.

In an invitation sent out in September, Koch Industries Chairman & CEO Charles Koch warned of dire consequences unless the Masters of the Universe heed:

We cannot rely on politicians… [I]t is up to us to combat what is now the greatest assault on American freedom and prosperity in our lifetimes.

Oh, the humanity.

The warning comes from oil company billionaires who spent huge chunks of money funding Astroturf groups like Americans for Prosperity to oppose environmental laws that will affect their fat bottom line.

Koch Industries is also an “energy” funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council, which describes itself as a “nonpartisan individual membership organization of state legislators which favors federalism and conservative public policy solutions.”

ALEC has come under increased scrutiny by ALEC Watch, Greenpeace, and others. Greenpeace concisely describes ALEC as a “climate denial front group” that offers “one-stop shopping for elected officials interested in perusing the wares of an array of Koch-funded opposition organizations including IER, ACCF, Mercatus and other sources.”

Last night, MSNBC Countdown host Keith Olbermann identified ALEC as one of the groups behind the GOP’s latest assault on unions and public employees.

Koch’s invitation boasts the success of last year's conclave in Aspen where participants plotted their 2010 election strategy and hatched "plans to activate citizens… and to change the balance of power in Congress."


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