August 21, 2013- Mike Papantonio: Cash Hoarders Devastate Economy 

July 27, 2013- Petcoke cloud from storm July 27 2013

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July 23, 2013- Thom Hartmann: Boehner Brags about Turning America into Detroit…

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April 29, 2013- Claire Connor: Wrapped in the Flag

February 26, 2013- Matthew Fillipowicz: Tar Sands Blockade Plans Week Of Action To Protest Keystone XL Pipeline March 16-23 

February 25, 2013- Nicole Sandler: Fix the Debt Exposed

February 22, 2013- The Young Turks: The 7 Craziest Bills in the U.S.

February 16, 2013- Update on the Privatization of the U.S. Post Office

February 13, 2013- Thom Hartmann: Revealed - The Tea Party Paid for by Phillip Morris 

February 7, 2013- Real News Network: Koch Brothers Driving Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada to Cut Out Venezuelan Oil

February 5, 2013- SECRET AUDIO: Missouri Lawmakers, In Meeting AT THE MISSOURI CAPITOL, Threatened With Loss of Donors if They Don’t Push “Right-to-Work”

February 3, 2013- The Young Turks: Billionaires Choking Out Climate Change Science

January 23, 2013- Jennifer Stefano, State Director, Americans For Prosperity - Pennsylvania

January 21, 2013- Thom Hartmann: What the Billionaire Class is Doing Behind the Scenes

January 4, 2013- Thom Hartmann: It's Time to Get Serious about Outlawing Billionaires

December 26, 2012- The Young Turks: Dick Armey's Armed Tea Party Coup

December 17, 2012- Sen. Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out Against Dangerous Republican Agenda

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December 13, 2012- The Ed Show: Michael Moore on Michigan's 'Right to Work' Law

December 13, 2012- Real News Network: Michigan Anti-Union Law Drafted by ALEC

December 13, 2012- Thom Hartmann: AFP Faked Attack On Tent Witnessed!

December 12, 2012- Republicans Try to Silence Senator Gretchen Whitmer As She Speaks Out on Anti-Women Legislation

December 11, 2012- Mike Papantonio: The Union War Has Just Begun Against Rick Snyder

December 11, 2012- Chris Matthews Wants To Know Who Pays Americans For Prosperity's Salaries

December 10, 2012- Chrystia Freeland: On the Super Rich Persecution Complex

December 6, 2012- Senator Gretchen Whitmer Speaks Out Against Right to Work Legislation

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December 5, 2012- Democracy NOW! From Fossil Fuels to Global Warming Denial, Koch Brothers Influences Behind U.S. Inaction

November 28, 2012- Tax the Rich: An animated fairy tale

November 26, 2012- Mike Papantonio: GOP Leadership Crisis Destroying The Party

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Ocdtober 3, 2012- Mike Papantonio: Fighting The Koch-Controlled Courts

September 28, 2012- Bill Moyers: United States of Alec

August 30, 2012- Democracy Now! Daughter of Billionaire GOP Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushes Democracy Now! Staff, Seizes Camera at RNC

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July 8, 2012- Why are the Koch Brothers Betting on Mitt Romney?

June 6, 2012- Thom Hartmann: Teamster James Hoffa- from the frontline-war on labor

June 6, 2012- The Young Turks: 'Democracy Died Tonight' - Big $ Wins In Wisconsin

June 6, 2012- Brad Friedman: Wisconsin aftermath: Voters in disbelief over Walker victory

June 5, 2012- Tar Sands Pipelines: the Dirtiest Oil on Earth

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June 5, 2012- Martin Bashir: Will Super PAC money decide Wisconsin recall?

June 5, 2012- Thom Hartmann: Voter Purge…Rick Scott gives the finger to Washington

June 5, 2012- RNC Chairman Reince Priebus spreading lies about union spending in Wisconsin

June 4, 2012- The Young Turks: Will Scott Walker Buy The Wisconsin Election?

June 4, 2012- Sam Seder & Mike Papantonio: Will Rick Scott Go To Prison For Voter Purges?

June 4, 2012- Ed Schultz: Republicans warn of voter fraud in Wisconsin

June 4, 2012- Ed Schultz: The road to the Walker recall ends here

June 4, 2012- PBS NewsHour: Wisconsin Recall Election Watched for National Repurcussions

June 1, 2012- The Young Turks: Wisconsin recall update: Win or lose, ‘strong chance that [Walker] is going to be indicted in the next couple of months’

June 1, 2012- MSNBC: Countdown to recall: Clinton rallies Wisconsin Democrats

June 1, 2012- Ed Schultz: Final recall debate in WI a barn burner

June 1, 2012- Rachel Maddow: Republicans See Success in War on Unions

May 31, 2012- Barrett Says Walker Would Sign Right to Work Bill, Walker Avoids the Question

May 30, 2012- Thom Hartmann: Intrade has Walker above 90% - if he wins, what happens next?

May 30, 2012- Mike Papantonio: Illegal Voter Purges Will Get Romney Elected

May 22, 2012- ED Schultz: It's big money versus the people in Wisconsin

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May 3, 2012- Rachel Maddow: Wisconsin resists Walker's big spending

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April 30, 2012- ALEC - The American Legislative Exchange Council - Explained in 5 Minutes

April 27, 2012- Packers' Star Charles Woodson Defends WI Workers' Freedoms & Rights

April 26, 2012- AFP Wasteful Spending Ad

April 20, 2012- Thom Hartmann: Brunch with Bernie-April 20,2012

March 29, 2012- Al-Jazeera: People & Power: The Koch Brothers

March 29, 2012- Thom Hartmann: How the Koch Brothers spent $3.9 million under the radar

March 21, 2012- Thom Hartmann: National Paranoia Killed Trayvon Martin 

March 15, 2012- Brave New Films: The 1% at Its Very Worst: Koch Brothers Exposed

March 5, 2012- The Young Turks: Koch brothers aren’t just buying elections — they’re investing big in anti-science think tanks

March 4, 2012- Megaloads and Arrests, Moscow Idaho

March 2, 2012- Scott Walker's Bait and Switch: Before Election Explicity Promised to Negotiate With Unions 

February 26, 2012- The Young Turks: Why Gas Prices Are So High

February 25, 2012- KARE News (NBC Minneapolis St.Paul): Model bills become point of contention at Minn. Capitol

February 24, 2012- KTRK News (ABC Houston): Liberty Co. resident battles over proposed Keystone Pipeline land grab

February 18, 2012- The Young Turks: Climate Change Hoax For Kids - Documents Expose Corporate-Funded Plan

February 17, 2012- JFC Hearing on the Disastrous Mining Bill AB 426

February 13, 2012- Mike Papantonio: GOP Has Buyer's Remorse With Presidential Candidates

February 12, 2012- ALEC 101 with Lauren Regan

February 11, 2012- CPAC panel on Occupy vs Tea Party 

February 10, 2012- MN Governor Vetoes ALEC Template Bills

February 10, 2012- Tad Ottman and Adam Foltz - Creators of the Maps Making Public Comments

February 10, 2012- Bruce Bartlett on Where the Right Went Wrong

February 10, 2012- Thom Hartmann: The Obama Hate Machine Exposed 

Fevruary 9, 2012- MacIver Institute: Recall Amendment Hearing

February 8, 2012- Mike Papantonio: How The Right Wing Assault on Unions Backfired

February 7, 2012- Thom Hartmann: The Senate Dems caved on GOP union busting - what's next?

February 7, 2012- The Young Turks: Billionaires Pledge 100 Million To Beat Obama

Febraury 7, 2012- Walker Aide Darlene Wink Pleads Guilty

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February 4, 2012- Mike Papantonio: Scott Walker Scandal Reaches to Top of RNC

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January 30, 2012- Scandals Put Scott Walker in Hot Legal Water

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January 13, 2012- Fitzgearald Recall Organizer Lori Compas Makes A Special Announcement 1-13-12

January 12, 2012- The Young Turks: ‘Americans are pissed about the state of our income inequality’ — and we should be

January 6, 2012- Thom Hartmann: So, Oil barons just threatened the President of the U.S. 

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December 27, 2011- Mike Malloy: Scott Walker Watch

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November 30, 2011- Mike Malloy: Republicans Care: Rick Scott & Newt Gingrich

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November 21, 2011- The Young Turks: Super Committee Fails: Good News? 

November 18, 2011- PBS News Hour: For Wisconsin Gov. Walker, Tables Turn as Unions Push Recall Effort

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November 13, 2011- ALEC Exposed: Voter ID

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November 8, 2011- Democracy NOW! Koch-Cain Connection: IRS Urged To Probe Ties Between Cain Campaign & Wealthy Koch Brothers

November 7, 2011- Fox 5 interviews woman trapped in car by Occupiers outside Convention Center 11-4-11

November 7, 2011- The Young Turks: Herman Cain Koch 'Brother From Another Mother'

November 7, 2011- The Young Turks: Keystone XL Pipeline Protests at White House 

November 6, 2011- White House Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

November 5, 2011- "One-Percenter" From Koch Brother Dinner Speaks With Occupy DC

November 5, 2011- Occupy Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In Protest Wash DC Convention Center - Preview Trailer

November 5, 2011- Mike Papantonio: How Much Did Herman Cain Cost The Koch Brothers?

November 5, 2011- Crooks & Liars: ‘Occupy DC’ protesters hit by driver who police let go

November 4, 2011- Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In Protest at Wash Convention Center

November 4, 2011- Cain: 'I Am The Koch Brothers' Brother From Another Mother'

November 4, 2011- Giuliani to Occupy Wall Street: How about you occupy a job?

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October 24, 2011- Ohio right fights collective bargaining arguing for wealth distribution and class warfare

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August 26, 2011- Crowd jeers Lungren support for tax cut for rich until he almost leaves

August milk? 25, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Republicans Stoking Economic Fears for Personal Gain

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August 22, 2011- GOP Rep. Hultgren Won't Explain How Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs

August 22, 2011- Mike Papantonio: ALEC Using Your Taxes To Kill Government

August 21, 2011- Tar Sands Action: Come Join Us!

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August 10, 2011- The Young Turks: CNN: Poor People Living Well, At Fault For Recession? 

August 10, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Wisconsin Continues to be a Victory

August 9, 2011- Democratic Party of Wisconsin Spokesman Accuses Clerk of Tampering With Votes.

August 7, 2011- Bill Maher Suggests A Liberal Tea Party- The Donner Party

August 6, 2011- ALEC protest organizer talks about New Orleans Protest

August 5, 2011- Worst Governor Ever

August 5, 2011- The Young Turks: Rich Scared Of Revolt From Poor, Middle Class Americans 

August 5, 2011- Thom Hartmann: ALEC vs. Lee Fang - he was dragged out!

August 4, 2011- Scott Walker Being Protested at Wisconsin State Fair 2011

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August 2, 2011- Al Jazeera: Fault Lines: The Top 1%

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July 29, 2011- Fault Lines: extra: Why affluent Americans decline interviews

July 28, 2011- WI Recall: Darling vs. BadgerCare

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July 23, 2011- Wisconsin: Voter ID at the DMV

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July 18, 2011- Protesting Walker in Beloit 7-18-11

July 17, 2011- Protesting After The Walworth Co GOP Steamboat Fundraising Cruise

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July 13, 2011- Worst Job Creation Since The Great Depression Under The Theory That Tax Cuts Solve Every Problem!

July 12, 2011- Prosser Must Go Rally 7-12-11

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July 8, 2011- Evel Justin: Social Security On Chopping Block

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July 7, 2011- The Young Turks: Poor People Don't Pay Enough Taxes - Senator Hatch

July 7, 2011- The Young Turks: Absurd Debt Ceiling Comments On Fox News By Cantor

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July 6, 2011- The Young Turks: Should Millionaires Share Burden Of Budget Cuts?

July 5, 2011- Mike Malloy: Minnesota Shutdown

July 4, 2011- David Pakman: CORRUPTION ALERT: Eric Cantor (R-VA) Could Make Money from Debt Ceiling Not Raised

July 1, 2011- Patriotic Millionaires

July 1, 2011- Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) challenged on taxes, oil subsidies

June 30, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Heartland Institute Kicks Off Climate Change Denial-a-Palooza

June 29, 2011- Rachel Maddow: $$$Koch Bros Killing Unions, Voter rights & Secret meetings

June 29, 2011- The Young Turks: Dems Appear Set To Cave On Cuts

June 29, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Proof that Rich people aren't the job creators! 

June 28, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Big time Wisconsin political wrestling…Prosser chokes Bradley

June 26, 2011- "Not One More Dime" Unionists Speak Out On Union Busting Campaigns and The Democrats

June 26, 2011- WI Governor Scott Walker Budget Signing Protest Green Bay

June 26, 2011- Green Bay laying in wait for Walker!

June 24, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Republicans Declare War On The Middle Class

June 23, 2011- Thom Hartmann: The Good, the Bad, and the very, very, INDEFATIGABLY Ugly! Wal-Mart vs new threat

June 23, 2011- Thom Hartmann: MI Citizens vs. Gov. Snyder Dictatorship!

June 22, 2011- Bernie Sanders Exposes Koch Brothers & Thier Minions!!!!

June 22, 2011- Al Jazeera: To the Last Drop: Canada's Dirty Oil Sands 

June 22, 2011- RFK, Jr.: How The Middle Class Disappeared

June 21, 2011- Lawrence O'Donnell: Republican/Tea Party Tax-Cut LIE!

June 21, 2011- Keith Olbermann: GOP For Sale

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June 21, 2011- Brave New Films: Will you help Senator Sanders expose the Koch Echo Chamber?

June 21, 2011- Lawrence O'Donnell: The American Dream In Going Down The Drain! Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

June 21, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Should billionaires sitting on their butts collecting dividend checks pay 0 taxes?

June 21, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Conservatives Turn Colleges Into Ayn Rand Universities

June 17, 2011- Thom Hartmann & Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky: Netroots Nation Conferece

June 17, 2011- The Young Turks: Target Anti-Union Ad Stars Union Members

June 16, 2011- Barbara With - Pesky Poll Tape

June 16, 2011- Howard Dean: We Can't Count on the Politicians to Stand Up To the Moneyed Interests."

June 15, 2011- Godfathers of Greed

June 14, 2011- Lawrence O'Donnell: Republican Socialists - Don't cut our Subsidies!

June 14, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Sexual predators and serial rapists run wild in free trade

June 14, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Wisconsin Supreme Court Says Anti-Union Law Can Go Into Effect

June 13, 2011- Robert Reich: The Truth About the Economy

June 12, 2011- Russ Feingold inspires Walkerville

June 9, 2011- Ed Schultz: Koch brothers pay to lie about high gas prices

June 7, 2011- Detroit Free Press: After Bogus Eviction Notices, What's Next For Neighbors?

May 26, 2011- Judge Voids Wisc. Union Law

May 23, 2011- Dylan Ratigan: Koch Industries and oil speculation

May 20, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Koch Bros Driving Up Gasoline Prices

May 17, 2011- The Other 98%: Koch Bros - It's the evil thing

May 16, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Debunking Republican "Common Sense"

May 13, 2011- The Other 98%: Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In

May 13, 2011- Thom Hartmann: The Koch Brothers funding schools to teach sweatshops are good?

May 12, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Who's Pushing the GOP's Anti-Labor Agenda?

May 12, 2011- Rev. Paul Sherry on the shrinking middle class

May 12, 2011- The Other 98%: Koch Brothers DayDream Believer

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May 4, 2011- Brave New Films: With $42 billion and seven homes, why are the Kochs buying our democracy?

May 3, 2011- David Pakman: Billionaire's Tea Party, Fake Grassroots Movement, Director Taki Oldham Interview

April 28, 2011- Priorities USA Action: Extremely Dangerous

April 25, 2011- Sam Seder: Texas Governor Rick Perry Asks Texans to Pray for Rain

April 24, 2011- Brave New Films: What do you think Abbie Hoffman would do to stop the Koch brothers?

April 22, 2011- The Young Turks: Bachmann Blames Obama For Tax Cuts On The Rich

April 21, 2011- The Koch Brothers' Covert Operations & the Tea Party

April 21, 2011- Real News Network: Draconian Michigan Bill Promoted by Major Corporations

April 21, 2011- Democracy Now: Thought Control at Koch

April снова 20, 2011- Kloppenburg Demands Recount

April 20, 2011- Keith Olbermann: Why do middle class conservatives support politicians who seem to be working only for the very rich?

April 20, 2011- Real News Network: 97th Anniversary of the Ludlow Colorado Massacre

April 20, 2011- Rachel Maddow: on what the GOP actually thinks of Really Really Really Big Government

April 19, 2011- Evel Justin: Ideal Republican Government  

April 19, 2011- Mike Malloy: To Hell With You, Ryan

April 19, 2011- Thom Hartmann: I'll bet you didn't see this Palin on "Face the Nation"

April 19, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Atlas Shrugged - bizarre philosophy at work

April 19, 2011- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio: Republicans Love Ayn Rand

April 18, 2011- RT: Patriotic Millionaires Want to Pay More!

April 18,2011- Rachel Maddow: Is The Tea Party A Dying Movement

April 18, 2011- The Young Turks: Gang Of Six Attack Social Security

April 18, 2011- Mike Papantonio & Robert Greenwald Expose the Koch Bros

April 16, 2011- Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin in Madison with Real Full Audio of Protesters

April 16, 2011- Sarah Palin gets a boo in Madison

April 16, 2011- Sarah Palin at the Madison WI Tea Party Rally

April 15, 2011- Rep. Van Hollen Explains Ryan Budget

April 15, 2011- The Young Turks: Tea Party Candidate Rips Minimum Wage  

April 15, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Secrets the Rich don't Want You to Know

April 14, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Rep. Schakowsky on Debt Commission, Obama Budget Speech

April 14, 2011- Congresswoman Gwen Moore Questions Governor Scott Walker before Congressional Committee

April 14, 2011- Rep. Bruce Braley questions Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

April 14, 2011- Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Admits It

April 14, 2011- Scott Walker: "I Don't Even Know Where Cali Is"

April 14, 2011- Thom Hartmann: America is being left behind in the global economy

April 13, 2011- Ellie M. Cohen: Tea Party Has Political Agenda to Ignore Science

April 13, 2011- Thousands protest in Lansing against governor's policies

April 12, 2011- Morning Joe: "The Reason Taxes are Concentrated on the Wealthy…" - Eugene Robinson

April 12, 2011- Bernie Sanders: Robin Hood in Reverse

April 12, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Democracy is hanging by a thread because of plutocrats and their paid ass-kissers

April 12, 2011- The Young Turks: Budget Deal Breakdown - Cuts Hit IRS

April 11, 2011- Cornel West: "We're At A Situation Now Where We Have A Predatory Capitalism"

April 11, 2011- The Young Turks: Obama Caves On Budget, Brags About It

April 11, 2011- GRITtv: Cornel West: Awakening Democracy in Madison

April 9, 2011- Hail Freedom! - Homage to Milton Friedman, Man of The People!

April 8, 2011- Cenk Uygur: GOP Budget Is Great! For Rich People…

April 8, 2011- The Young Turks: Sales Tax Vs Income Tax - Ploy To Help The Rich

April 8, 2011- Brad Friedman: "Democracy's Gold Standard"

April 8, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Wis. Vote Count- Incompetence, Not Conspriracy?

April 7, 2011- Rachel Maddow: County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus is a "Human Error"  

April 7, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Con Job - GOP Budget Exposed By CBO

April 7, 2011- Brad Friedman: Irregularities in the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

April 7, 2011- The Young Turks: Fox News MLK Union Lies

April 7, 2011- The Young Turks: CBO Shreds (R) Budget Cut Plan

April 7, 2011: Attack on Public Schools (Wisconsin)

April 7, 2011- Kathy Nickolaus  Press Conference

April 6, 2011- Kloppenburg Declares Victory in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

April 6, 2011- Thom Hartmann: What if they had a protest and nobody…covered it?!

April 6, 2011- Thom Hartmann: NC wants a "public option" for Wi-Fi & Republicans say NO!

April 5, 2011- Center For Public Integrity: Behind the Story: Koch Industries Lobbying

April 5, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Americans Value Government

April 5, 2011- The Young Turks: U.S. Tax Revenue Historically Low 

April 5, 2011- Cenk Uygur, Bernie Sanders, E.J. Dionne Dissect / Debunk Paul Ryan's 2012 Republican Budget Madness

April 5, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Tea Party says NO! to taxpayer subsidies for big oil

April 5, 2011- Sam Seder: Robert Rubin Shows Us How the Uber Rich Think!

April 5, 2011- Real News: Thousands Across USA Rally in Support of Workers' Rights  

April 5, 2011- Rep Peter DeFazio : God Forbid People Should Be Allowed To Get Together & Organize! Good Job Republicans! 

April 5, 2011- Election Day Madison Wisconsin April 5, 2011

April 4, 2011- We Are One, Columbus Ohio

April 4, 2011- Tucson Solidarity March and Picnic

April 4, 2011- Boston Labor Rally-Martin Luther King Rememberance

April 4, 2011- We Are One Worker Rally Louisville, Kentucky

April 4, 2011- We Are One, April 4, 2011, St. Paul, MN

April 4, 2011- We Are One Rally SanFrancisco

April 4, 2011- We Are One Rally Richmond VA

April 4, 2011- We Are One Rally NYC

April 4, 2011- The Young Turks: Pell Grants = Welfare (According To Republican Rep.)

April 4, 2011- 2,000 March On Koch DC Offices

April 3, 2011- The Maine Labor Mural Projection Bombing On The Capitol

April 2, 2011- We Are One Rally Capitol Steps Salt Lake City, April 2nd 2011

April 2, 2011- GRITtv: Josh Holland: Who's Lying About The Economy?

April 1, 2011- Rachel Maddow: GOP Betrayal Alienates Police Constituents

April 1, 2011- GreaterWisComm: Stand Up To Scott Walker!

April 1, 2011- Sam Seder: Republicans in Maine Want to Loosen Child Labor Laws

April 1, 2011- ABC News: Tea Party About hypocrites collect $8Mil in farm subsidies

April 1, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Must see! The TRUE story of the Tea Party

April 1, 2011- Mike Malloy: Freak Of The Day: Scott Fitzgerald

March 31, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Republicans Attempting To Change Child Labor Laws In Maine

March 31, 2011- Jimmy John's workers 'quarantine' Minneapolis sub shop

March 31, 2011- Dick Morris Tells Tea Party What GOP Plans Next @ 3/31 Rally

March 31, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Tea Party Leader - Fire Boehner If He Accepts Cut Compromise

March 31, 2011- The Colbert Report: Madison as Hell

March 31, 2011- Thom Hartmann vs. Mark Williams: Are the Tea Party's days numbered?

March 31, 2011- Newsy.Com: Ohio Dems Vow to Fight New Anti-Union Bill

March 31, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Koch Bros. - The More We Know You, The Less We Like You

March 30, 2011- Claudine Wilkins-Chambers (We Are One Rally)

March 30, 2011- Governor Snyder's First Three Months on the Job

March 30, 2011- RT: Targeted Professor Speaks Out

March 30, 2011- Brave New Films: What's the worst thing the Koch brothers have done?

March 30, 2011- Thom Hartmann vs. Dan Gainor - Government Shutdown: Who's to blame?

March 30, 2011- Thom Hartmann vs. Ryan Streeter: Giving up dreams to pay for the rich?

March 30, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Robert Greenwald Discusses "Koch Brothers Exposed" film

March 30, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Are the Koch Bros. shutting down the US Government?

March 30, 2011- Thom Hartmann & Senator Bernie Sanders: Back off Social Security!

March 30, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Democracyville USA for Dummies

March 30, 2011- Keiser Report: Food Stamp Army

March 30, 2011- Max Keiser: Rich get richer, losers become slaves  

March 29, 2011- Paycheck Protection: It's Only Fair

March 29, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Alan Grayson on Drug Testing Public Employees In Florida

March 29, 2011- The Young Turks: Gov. Walker Wants Government Money - Hypocrisy Alert

March 29, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Libertarian Conservatism vs Authoritarian Conservatism

March 29, 2011- Rosanne Barr Interviews Michael Moore

March 29, 2011- Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI) claims he is struggling with $174K salary

March 29, 2011- Ana Kasparian: London Protests - cheap jerseys 1st Hand Account From Student

March 29, 2011- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio: The Alternative Reality of the Koch Brothers

March 29, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Do cheap nba jerseys we take Prosperity Drive or Depression Drive?

March 28, 2011- David Prosser's "abusive" conduct is "troubling"

March 28, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Maine Governor Removes Labor History Mural

March 28, 2011- Rachel Maddow: GOP Brings Unpopular Anti-Labor Ideas to Federal Level

March 28, 2011- Ed Schultz: Robert Greenwald Discusses Film Koch Brothers Exposed

March 28, 2011- Bold Progressives: Recall Momentum! (Green Bay)  

March 28, 2011- Cenk Uygur: UK Faces Its Own Budget Battle

March 28, 2011- The Young Turks: Massive Education Cuts In Pennsylvania

March 28, 2011- The Young Turks: Massive London Protests - U.S. Next?

March 28, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Corporations are the new kings - and their agenda is to radically remake America

March 27, 2011- The Maine Department of Labor Mural Revised

March 26, 2011- Co-op Rally, Capitol Square, Madison, 3/26/11

March 26, 2011- KABC-TV: Thousands of union supporters march through downtown LA

March 26, 2011- Protesting the removal of a mural at the Maine Dept.of Labor

March 26, 2011- More than 500 people rally in Neenah for worker rights

March 25, 2011- "Voices": Americans Tell Washington Hands-off Social Security

March 25, 2011- Hundreds Gather in Kalamazoo to Protest Gov. Rich Snyder's Proposed Budget

March 25, 2011- RT: Fake Assassination Plot in WI

March 25, 2011- The Young Turks: GOP Plan To Attack Families Over Strikes, Food Stamps  

March 25, 2011- The Young Turks: Governor Hates Working People

March 25, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Do random drug tests benefit Gov. Rick Scott?

March 24, 2011- GreaterWisComm: David Prosser refuses to investigate pedophile priest despite mother's plea

March 24, 2011- UAW Rally in Detroit

March 24, 2011- Dylan Ratigan: Koch Brothers & The Tea Party

March 24, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Ford CEO Gets $60 Million Payday, Workers Get Pay Cut

March 23, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Steal from the poor — give to the rich?

March 22, 2011- Sam Seder: Money: What it Means to Average People vs. Right Wing Billionaires

March 22, 2011- Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: The Race to the Bottom

March 22, 2011- David Pakman: Mississippi Shows Sad Future of Anti-Union Explosion

March 22, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Life-long Republicans are leaving their party

March 21, 2011- Excerpts of Sen. Dan Kapanke at Holmen School Board Meeting

March 21, 2011- TRIANGLE'S ECHOES: The Unfinished Struggle for Worker Protection, Safety and Health

March 21, 2011- DC Workers Let Wisc. GOP Know: 'We Are One'

March 21, 2011- Tufts Medical Center Nurses' Picket for Safe Staffing

March 21, 2011- Prosser the biased

March 21, 2011- Richard D. Wolff: "Personal Debts"

March 21, 2011- Riz Khan: Attacking the US middle class? w/ Ralph Nader

March 21, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Tax cuts On Wealthy and Corps / Tax Increase On Poor And Middle Class

March 21, 2011- Columbus Dispatch: Flash Mob at Huntington Bank

March 20, 2011- Richard D. Wolff: "The Tax Cut Bill"

March 20, 2011- Main St. Insider: EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gasses

March 20, 2011- Almost NOBODY SHOWS UP TO VOTE in Important Elections.

March 19, 2011- Rachel Maddow Show: Wisconsin Tax Bill Hurts the Poorest

March 18, 2011- The Struggle in Wisconsin

March 18, 2011- Thom Hartmann: A Conservative who got mugged

March 18, 2011- Thom Hartmann vs David Selig on class warfare

March 18, 2011- WA Rally to Protect our Future

March 18, 2011- Media Benjamin: Why We're Risking Arrest at White House and Quantico 6 Medea

March 18, 2011- Think Progress: Palm Trees Come to Cleveland: FreedomWorks Uses Discredited Footage in New Ohio Anti-Union Ad

March 18, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Working People To Union Rights-Stripping Republicans: "Make My Day" (At The Ballot Box)

March 17, 2011- Greater Wisconsin Political Fund: Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson protects victims

March 17, 2011- Greater Wisconsin Political Fund: Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson is Wisconsin's best supreme court justice

March 17, 2011- Greater Wisconsin Political Fund: Judge David Prosser will be rubber stamp for Scott Walker

March 17, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Effort To Recall Republican State Reps - The Nation's John Nichols

March 17, 2011- Governor Rick Snyder booed in Detroit

March 17, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Taxing millionaires & billionaires? with Rep Jan Schakowsky

March 17, 2011- - Green Bay

March 17, 2011- Mike Papantonio: GOP's Union Busting is Theft

March 16, 2011- Minneapolis Activists Rally to Support Wisconsin and Union Workers

March 16, 2011-CNN Money: Democrat Takes Aim at Tax Brackets

March 16, 2011- More than 1,000 People Rally Against Gov. Snyder's Budget

March 16, 2011- FreedomWorks: The Fight Goes On: Save Ohio  

Macrh 16, 2011- Rep. Schakowsky announces Fairness in Taxation Act, 3-16-11

March 16, 2011- Labor actions hit D.C.

March 16, 2011- Washington DC Wisconsin GOP Fundraiser protest 3/16/2011

March 16, 2011- Thom Hartmann & Rep. Jan Schakowsky - A tax on millionaires and billionaires?

March 16, 2011- Assault on Cub Food Protesters

March 16, 2011- Max Keiser: 'Peasants 0 - Monarchs 100, go get some scalps!'

March 16, 2011- Thom Hartmann & Markos Moulitsas expose the WI recall polls and what it means

March 15, 2011- TN Anti-Workers' Rights Bill Draws Protests, Arrests

March 15, 2011- David Pakman: Are the Koch Brothers Paying People to Rewrite Wikipedia?

March 15, 2011- The Young Turks: WI (R) Wife Helps To Recall Husband!

March 15, 2011- Snarkipedia: The Tea Party (a definition)

March 15, 2011- Protesting Governor Rick Snyder at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing (3/15/11)

March 15, 2011- Keiser Report: Supermassive 30 Billion Black Hole

March 15, 2011- Thom Hartmann confronts Tea Partier Mark Meckler on his calling WI Protesters anti-Democratic  

March 15, 2011- get Thom Hartmann: Dennis Kucinich on Economic Democracy and Bradley Manning

March 15, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Joe Madison - Hold on to your seat…when Madison speaks!

March 15, 2011- Sam Seder: Feed the Rich, Starve the Worker: That's BS… from Madison

March 14, 2011- IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger - Highlights of Remarks

March 14, 2011- WEAC: In Times Like These

March 14, 2011- AP: Raw Video: Protesters Greet Wisc. Governor

March 14, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Wisconsin & Anonymous Strike Back!

March 14, 2011- Madison Anti-Walker Rallies: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

March 14, 2011- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio: Dissecting the Koch's Media Machine

March 14, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Scott Walker is the face now - but the first culprit was 100 years ago.

March 13, 2011- On Wisconsin/St. Patrick's Parade-Rally in Madison, Wisconsin

March 13, 2011- Mike Malloy: Michigan Inc.

March 13, 2011- Mike Malloy: Stupid Morning Anchors

March 13, 2011- Rep. Kucinich Fires Up Madison Workers’ Rights Rally

March 12, 2011- Wisconsin Protests: Dennis Kucinich at the Barrymore Speak-Out

March 12, 2011- John Nichols, The Nation, interviews Susan Sarandon in Madison, WI

March 12, 2011- Max Keiser: Decentralized global rebellion against neoliberal economic policies

March 12, 2011- Wisconsin Farmers' Tractor Rally for Workers' Rights

March 12, 2011- Tony Shalhoub: 'The Birth of a Movement' 

March 12, 2011- Tony Schultz, Speaks up for farmers (Full Speech)

March 12, 2011- Tony Schultz Wisconsin Farmer Rally

March 12, 2011- 'The Wisconsin 14' return home

March 12, 2011- Matthew Schauenburg: Hunger Striking for Democracy

March 12, 2011- Madison Welcomes Susan Sarandon- 3-12-11

March 12, 2011- Anonymous: A99 Operation Empire State Rebellion - Communication #1

March 11, 2011- Iowa Rep. Pat Murphy after collective bargaining vote

March 11, 2011- 'That's The Best I Can Say'

March 11, 2011- Media Matters: The Big Picture: March 11, 2011

March 11, 2011- David Pakman: What You Aren't Being Told About Unemployment Numbers

Macrh 11, 2011- Cenk Uygur: GOP Cuts Education - Why?

March 11, 2011- Richard D. Wolff: "Public Higher Education"

 March 11, 2011- Democracy Now: Walkouts, Bank Boycotts and Recalls: Wisconsin Protests Intensify Against Union-Busting Legislation

March 11, 2011- Madison protesters sing "Soon and Very Soon…They Will All Be Recalled"

March 11, 2011- PBS Need To Know: Are public employee unions to blame for states’ budget woes?

March 11, 2011- PBS News Hour: Wisconsin's Walker: Collective-Bargaining Curbs Law 'Good for Middle Class'

March 11, 2011- Walker on Outside Money

March 11, 2011- Devastating New Ad Highlights State Senator's Attack on Working Families

March 11, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Brunch with Senator Bernie Sanders

March 11, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Are Koch Brothers sock puppets rewriting Wikipedia?

March 11, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Welcome to Democracyville, USA

March 11, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Welcome to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

March 10, 2011- Andrew Klavan: Behold! Your Public Sector Unions at Work.

March 10, 2011- Senator Bernie Sanders: A Surtax on Millionaires

March 10, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Connecting the dots from Wisconsin to DC

March 10, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Michigan is screwed

March 10, 2011- Democracy Now: Michael Moore Calls For Renewed Pro-Democracy Movement as Anti-Union Bills Approved Across the U.S.

March 10, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Gov. Walker 'Bites Ear Off' - Senator Brown & Jesse Jackson

March 10, 2011- WHAT'S NEXT? - Erpenbach to the People #13

March 10, 2011- Wisconsin State Rep. Peter Barca speaks on Day 25 of Wisconsin protests


March 10, 2011- Fox News: Dennis Kucinich "The Right Of Collective Bargaining Is Part Of The Right Of Freedom Of Speech!"

March 10, 2011- Madison Firefighters Prez Calls For General Strike

March 10, 2011- AP: Raw Video: Protesters Hauled From Wis. Capitol

March 10, 2011- People shout "Shame!" as Republicans vote to destroy labor rights.

March 10, 2011- Fox News: YOU WILL BE KILLED! Wisconsin Republicans Getting Death Threats After Union Busting Vote

March 10, 2011- Fox News: It's NOT SAFE For Republicans In Madison Wisconsin Tonight! Republican State Senator Grothman

March 10, 2011- Talking Points Memo: Walker: Union Bill's Changes 'Are Indeed Fiscal'

March 10, 2011- Smart Remarks: Tom Corbett vs. "everyone"

March 10, 2011- Thom Hartmann: In Wisconsin "starve the beast" is almost complete

March 9, 2011- Scott Walker's Palace Guard - the new Wisconsin Secret Service??

March 9, 2011- CNN: Wealthy Brothers in Political Spotlight

March 9, 2011- Tax the Rich: Madison Protest Time-lapse (Full Length)

March 9, 2011- Retaking the Capitol, Madison, WI 3/9/11

March 9, 2011- Protesters storm the Wisconsin capitol Union Protest- 3-10-11

March 9, 2011- Wisconsin Republican senators leave through secret tunnel after march 9th vote

March 9, 2011- Democracy Now: Naomi Klein on Anti-Union & Budget "Crisis" Bills and Shock Doctrine American-Style. 

March 9, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Michael Moore "If You Live Within Driving Distance Of The Wisconsin Capitol GO THERE! THIS IS WAR!"

March 9, 2011- Scott Walker Says David Duke a "Media Creation" and Duke's Issues "Not Extreme"

March 9, 2011- Brave New Films: What do Walmart, FOX News, and Koch Brothers have in common?

March 9, 2011- Ed Schultz: Actions of Wisconsin GOP "Disgusting"

March 9, 2011- Travesty of Justice

March 9, 2011- Joint Committee of Conference in Wisconsin on Budget Repair Bill (3/09/11)

March 9, 2011- Mark Fiore: Cut & Ruin

March 9, 2011- Think Progress: WI Leader Admits His Union-busting agenda is intended to hurt Obama reelection

March 9, 2011- CNN: This Is Proof It's Not About How Much Money I Make It's ALL About Union Busting! Teacher Protester

March 9, 2011- Capitol fills after Senate vote

March 8, 2011- Office Hours with Nancy MacLean on the Wisconsin Standoff

March 8, 2011- Unions: Get back to the jobs you're lucky to have

March 8, 2011- Crossroads GPS 'The System' 

March 8, 2011- David Pakman: Front Groups & Covert Funding by Koch Brothers & "Unbiased" Blogger Works for Them w/ Lee Fang

March 8, 2011- Stephen King at Awake the State Rally in Sarasota 3.8.11

March 8, 2011- Teachers, Businesses "Getting Screwed" By Gov Walker

March 8, 2011- David Pakman: Conservative Talk Radio Planting Hired Actors for Callers

March 8, 2011- Rachel Maddow: 'Every time you turn over a political rock' the Koch brothers are there'

March 8, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Michigan Governor Claims Dictatorial Powers!

March 8, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Shock Doctrine Wisconsin Michigan Florida

March 8, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Alan Grayson "The Republican Party Reached Out To The Biggest Criminal In Florida & Nominated Him"

March 8, 2011- Sam Seder: Republicans to America: Poor Kids Don't Have Enough Pain

March 8, 2011- Media Matters: Glenn Beck's "Useful Idiots"

March 7, 2011- Thank You Wisconsin 14!

March 7, 2011- Rachel Maddow: $Billionaire Koch Bros. pull GOP Strings

March 7, 2011- Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Town Hall Meeting

March 7, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Wisconsin GOP slides in polls despite Koch astroturfing

March 7, 2011- Cenk Uygur: 'A Real Vicious Attack' On The Middle Class

March 7, 2011- Thom Hartmann: It all boils down to "corporate personhood"

March 7, 2011- Dr. Tom Kemp: 'Wisconsin bill aimed to bust Democrats'

March 7, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Recall Wisconsin Governor Walker?

March 7, 2011- Henry Waxman: 'All That Seems To Matter Is What Koch Industries Think'

March 7, 2011- WI Gov. Walker: Democratic Sen. Miller Preventing Progress on Reaching Agreement

March 7, 2011- Mike Papantonio: More Progressive Voices Needed to Counter Right Wing Talk

March 6, 2011- Indiana Statehouse Protests to Protect Worker Rights - Week Two

March 6, 2011- Anti-Walker protesters at Pro-Walker Koch Brothers rally at Alliant Center

March 5, 2011- Gov Walker Trying To Extort Dems Says Rep. Roys

March 5, 2011- WI Senator Dan Kapanke Addresses Stand With Scott Walker Bus Tour Rally; Addresses Recall

March 5, 2011- Scott Brown Begs David Koch For Money

March 5, 2011- Inside the Koch's American for Prosperity stop at Hudson, WI: GOP Sheila Harsdorf

 MMarch 5, 2011- Joe the Plumber at Hudson WI Americans for Prosperity Stop

March 5, 2011- Glenn Beck Exposes FreedomWorks Fisting (A DC Douglas Tweak)

March 5, 2011- Ryan Bingham performs at anti-Walker rally in Madison, Wisconsin

March 5, 2011- 'America Is NOT Broke': Michael Moore Speaks in Madison, WI

March 4, 2011- Keiser Report: Economic Elite vs The American People- Interview With Max Keiser and David Degraw

March 4, 2011- Rachel Maddow Exposes Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker On Illegalities in Milwaukee

March 4, 2011- Coffe Party USA: AnnatWes

March 3, 2011- Wisconsin Residents Support the FAB 14

March 3, 2011- PBS News Hour: AFL-CIO's Trumka: No American Should Face Choice Between Rights, Job

March 3, 2011- Lawrence O'Donnell & Howard Dean: States shouldn't balance budget on backs of working people

March 3, 2011- Rep. Nick Milroy (D-WI) Tackled By Police During Attempt To Enter Wisconsin Capitol

March 3, 2011- Rachel Maddow: In Ohio, another budget battle thats not about the budget

March 3, 2011- Think Progress: Blogger From Koch's Law Firm Defends Koch, Doesn't Disclose Ties

March 3, 2011- Democracy Now: David Cay Johnston on Gov. Scott Walker's False Claims of Taxpayer Subsidies For Workers' Pensions

March 3, 2011- Fox Survives Tour Of Combat Duty In….. Madison

March 3, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Fox News…Unfair and Completely Unbalanced?

March 3, 2011- Thom Hartmann & Teamster's James Hoffa: What is the future for labor?

March 2, 2011- Bernie Sanders: Don't Balance Budget on the Back of Middle Class

March 2, 2011- WISCONSIN (Great Video Interviewing Protesters)

March 2, 2011- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio: The Koch's - It's All About Privatizing Everything

March 2, 2011- Congressman Miller: "Very Dangerous Attacks Being Waged On Middle Class Americans By Republicans!"

March 2, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Wisconsin Republicans Getting Desperate. Is the End in Sight?

March 2, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Fox Lies - Cenk Busts Fox News On MSNBC

March 2, 2011- Lawrence O'Donnell: WI "Slob" Protesters Confront State Senator Grothman 

March 2, 2011- Congressman Obey Denied Access to Wisconsin Capitol

March News 2, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Mirror, mirror on the wall…Who's the most crony capitalist of all?

March 2, 2011- Ed Schultz: The GOP Assault on Public Education Continues

March 2, 2011- Wis Republican State Senator Dale Schultz Rips Into Walker, Calls Union-Busting "Classic Overreach"

March 1, 2011- Democrats in Congress Speak Out at Rallies Across the Country

March 1, 2011- New Left Media: Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

March 1, 2011- Congressman Ryan Stands Up Against SB-5 on the House Floor  

March 1, 2011- Republican War On Working Families : Bold Progressives PSA

March 1, 2011- Sam Seder: The Koch Brothers, Scott Walker and Garlic Covered Freedom Dildos

March 1, 2011- Cenk Uygur: GOP Loves Bankers, Hates Teachers (Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh Examples)

March 1, 2011- Thom Hartmann: 10 provisions that should worry many Wisconsinites

March 1, 2011- David Pakman: Hypocrisy on Egypt Libya Wisconsin Reporting, Fox News Heckled

March 1, 2011- David Pakman: Did Roger Ailes (Fox News CEO) Commit Crime? O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck in Union

March 1, 2011- WI State Senator Glenn Grothman Calls Protestors "A Bunch of Slobs"

March 1, 2011- Ed Schultz: Nose Talking: Gov. Scott Walker Refuses To Invest in State and Country

March 1, 2011- Thom Hartmann: The Republican strategy simple - divide and conquer

March 1, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Koch Brothers' Fascism On The Move

March 1, 2011- Wisconsin Gov Walker "Lying" says Dem Senator Erpenbach

February 28, 2011- The Giant Is Awake: Standing with Wisconsin Workers

February 28, 2011- Rachel Maddow: "Gov Walker Is LYING!" WI State Senator Jon Erpenbach

February 28, 2011- Thom Hartmann: So…who is paid too much? Teachers or Banksters?  

February 28, 2011- Thom Hartmann vs Wayne Root - Root wants teachers fired

February 28, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Healthcare Is For Rich People! Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels

February 28, 2011- The Young Turks: Corporate Tax Cuts Screwing States 

February 28, 2011- Ed Schultz: Gov. Walker Target of AFSCME Legal Complaint for Violating Labor Laws

February 28, 2011- Sam Seder: The Plutocracy and What Scott Walker Really Wants From Wisconsin State Workers

February 27, 2011- Wisconsin: Amazing Grace In The Capitol Rotunda

February 26, 2011- Madison: 100,000 Strong

February 26, 2011- Think Progress: AFP Michigan Exec Director: "Take The Unions Out at the Knees"

February 25, 2011- Democracy Now: Wisconsin - Koch Funded Dictator Opposed

February 25, 2011- Tea Baggers get owned in Madison

February 25, 2011- The Punk Patriot: Working People vs Wall Street

February 25, 2011- Shepard Smith on Wisconsin Union Busting

February 25, 2011- Reagan Says Being In A Union Is A Basic Right

February 25, 2011- Shouting "Shame!" on Wisconsin Assembly floor before "union-busting" budget bill vote

February 24, 2011- Democracy Now: Koch Brothers and Wisconsin Governor Anti-Union Push

February 24, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Nailin Palin and Punking Scott Walker

February 24, 2011- Rachel Maddow: How The Republican Party Pimped Walker As The New Face Of The Party

February 24, 2011- Democracy Now: Billionaire Right-Wing Koch Brothers Fund Wisconsin Governor Campaign and Anti-Union Efforts

February 24, 2011- Cenk Uygur On Why Wisconsin Is The Republican's Waterloo

February 24, 2011- The Young Turks: Gov. Walker Pranked - TYT Breaks It Down!

February 24, 2011- Huckabee On Whether GOP Is Union Busting: 'So What?'

February 24, 2011- Rachel Maddow Explains Republican's Union Busting Plan Exposed By Gov Walker's Prank Phone Call

February 24, 2011- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio: The Koch Brothers Fuel Fascism

February 24, 2011- Ed Schultz: Gov. Scott Walker (R) Violated Ethics, Labor, and Election Laws?

February 23, 2011- Rush Limbaugh - The Koch Brothers

February 23, 2011- Ouachita River Keeper

February 23, 2011- We Are Wisconsin (PSA)

February 23, 2011- Ed Schultz: Scott Walker's 'Nixon Moment': Koch Brother Tapes Analyzed

February 23, 2011- NBC News: Gov. Scott Walker (R) to Hand Wisconsin Power Plants to Koch Industries?

February 23, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Scott Walker Prank Call - Baseball Bat & Parties In California

February 23, 2011- Ed Schultz: Inside the Scott Walker Tapes

February 23, 2011- Ed Schultz: "What's Happening In Wisconsin Is A Kind Of Laboratory For The Right" with Laura Flanders

February 23, 2011- Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

February 22, 2011- Firefighters Make an Entrance at Ohio Protest

February 22, 2011- Introduction to Teaching 101

February 22, 2011- RT: The Other Story: Home Made Uprising in Madison Wisconsin

February 22, 2011- PSA: afl firefighter ACT

February  22, 2011- Cenk Uygur: "They Want The Destruction The Middle Class!" Senator Bernie Sanders

February 22, 2011- David Pakman: Would Union-Haters Give Up 40 Hour Week, Weekend, Child Labor, Overtime?

February 22, 2011- Sam Seder: Outlawing Collective Bargaining? Stupid States Do Stupid Things

February 22, 2011- Sam Seder: Money: What it Means to Average People vs. Right Wing Billionaires

February 22, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Wisconsin Protests - No Compromise!

February 22, 2011- Thom Hartmann: In Madison - Democracy is at stake here and America may never recover

February 21, 2011- Sam Seder: David Gregory and the Corporate Media Love Chris Christie, Hate Social Security

February 21, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Koch Brothers Behind WI Governor Walker's Union Busting

February 21, 2011- City of Madison Police Officer, Former Republican, Speaks Out Against The Rhetoric

February 21, 2011- Rachel Maddow Destroys Wisconsin's Gov Walker

February 21, 2011- Lawrence O'Donnell: Wisconsin State Rep. Gordon Hintz Blasts Republicans In His Speech

February 21, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Are Overpaid Unions Destroying America?

February 21, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Are the Koch Bros fingerprints all over Scott Walker?

February 21, 2011- Wisconsin Rep. Gordon Hintz on Pending State Legislation 2/18/2011

February 20, 2011- Chomsky Replies to Lee Doren on "Thug" Unions

February 20, 2011- Madison Protest: Screw Us and We Multiply

February 20, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Fox "News" has endtimes prophet explaining union protests in Wisconsin

February 19, 2011- A Wisconsin Resident's Vlog: Commenting From Ground Zero

February 18, 2011- MSNBC: Naomi Klein "This Is A Classic Example Of The Shock Doctrine"

February 17, 2011- RT: Superman no match for power of Corporate America

February 17, 2011- Newsy.Com: Wisconsin Workers Protest Anti-Union Bill

February 17, 2011- Ed Schultz, John Nichols in Madison, WI: huge crowds protest 'puppet' Gov. Walker 

February 17, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Russ Feingold on Union Breaking Efforts by GOP in Wisconsin

February 17, 2011- Bernie Sanders "We Have The Highest Rate Of Poverty For Our Children In The Industrialized World!"

February 16, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Why GOP is OK with federal job losses

February 16, 2011- Ed Schultz: Fox Castigates Liberal Movement; Gives 'Union Busting' Wisconsin Gov. a 5 Min Informercial

February 16, 2011- Ed Schultz: John Nichols in Wisconsin_ on the radio with Ed

February 16, 2011- Mike Papantonio: The Chamber of Commerce is Spying on YOU  

February 15, 2011- Mike Papnatonio: The Journalism of cheap nba jerseys Appeasement

February 14, 2011- Rachel Maddow: Supreme Court Corruption. Scalia And Thomas Found To Have Conflict Of Interests

February 14, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Tim Birkley (AFSCME Local 60) on the Wisconsin union-busting 

February 14, 2011- Ed Schultz: Why Wisconsin union fight matters

February 14, 2011- Ed Schultz: American wage earners under attack

February 12, 2011- Wisconsin State AFL CIO "Rights" TV

February 10, 2010- Mike Papantonio: Lobbyists Already Control New GOP Congressmen

February 9, 2011- DeFazio on Republican plans to cut vital programs

February 8, 2011- Ed Shultz & Mike Papantonio: GOP Congress Bows to Koch Bros. Power

February 6, 2011- Real News Network: Reaganomics Sucked Wealth Up, Did Not Trickle It Down

February 4, 2011- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio Discuss The Koch's Legacy

February 4, 2011- Thom Hartmann: We've Strayed from the Declaration of Independence

February 3, 2011- KochBusters

February 3, 2011- The Other 98%: Quarantine the Kochs

February 1, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Koch Brothers Conference - What Is The Agenda?

February 1, 2011- Mike Papantonio: The Koch-Heads Rule Our Democracy

February 1, 2011- RT: Koch Brothers "Billionaires Caucus"

January 31, 2011- Cenk Uygur: Koch Brothers Conference - What Is The Agenda?

January 31, 2011- RT: Uncloaking the Koch Brothers, Tea Party

January 30, 2011- Protesting the Secret Meeting of the Koch Brothers at Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa obragblog 9 videos Subscribe Subscribed

January 30, 2011- Outside the Anti-Koch Rally

January 30, 2011- Rally against Koch Brothers in Rancho Mirage on 1-30-11

January 30, 2011- 'Quarantine The Kochs'

January 30, 2011- Rally against Koch Brothers in Rancho Mirage

January 28, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Justices Scalia and Thomas in secret meetings about right-wing political strategy?

January 25, 2011- Mike Papantonio: Supreme Court Stooges

January 24, 2011- Supreme Court Justices Attended Koch Brothers Party When They Were Deciding Citizens United Case

January 18, 2011- Naomi Klein: Addicted to risk

January 13, 2011- Ed Schultz: Papantonio: The History of Right Wing Hate Talk 

January 8, 2011- Sam Seder & Mike Papantonio: Darrel Issa - The Carjacker of the House

January 7, 2011- Thom Hartmann: Is Polluter Billionaire David Koch just an average person?

January 6, 2011- Think Progress interviews David Koch

November 29, 2010- CrossTalk: Socialism for the Rich

October 31, 2010- "The Two-Headed Kochtopus" Takes a Satirical Hit in a Skit Staged on the National Mall!

October 29, 2010- NPR: Shaping Stae Law With Little Scrutiny (AUDIO)

October 25, 2010- Keith Olbermann: Koch-Topus

October 21, 2010- Keith Olbermann: The Tea-Party KOCHtopus: More Secrecy Exposed in Koch Dealings

October 21, 2010- The Young Turks: Letters Expose Agenda Of Billionaire Koch Brothers

October 20, 2010- Training Tea Party Activists In Guerilla Internet Tactics

October 17, 2010- The Kochtopus: Tea Party Movement Manifests Classical Fascism

October 16, 2010- Ed Schultz & Mike Papantonio: What a Tea Party America Will Look Like

October 16, 2010- The Tea Party and the Billionaires - How the Koch Brothers Manipulate Politics

October 13, 2010- David Koch - Evidence Of Direct Tea Party Link

October 11, 2010- RT: 'Tea Party Creation of Billionaires'

September 28, 2010- Keith Olbermann: Schwarzenegger Takes On Class Warfare!

September 26, 2010- Rachel Maddow: David & Charles Koch: Billionaire Brothers Pump Money Into 'Anti-Obama' Tea-Party/GOP Campaigns

September 22, 2010- Keith Olbermann: Republican's small businesses

September 19, 2010- CNN: Koch Brothers Fund the Tea Party

September 10, 2010- Rachel Maddow: Filthy rich buy fake popular support

September 7, 2010- The Young Turks: Class Warfare - Top 1% vs You

August 25, 2010- Democracy Now: Koch Brothers Give $100 Million to Right-Wing Causes

August 25, 2010- Democracy Now: Billionaire Bros. Koch Drown Citizens - Flood GOP with Money

August 25, 2010- Keith Olbermann on David Koch

August 25, 2010- Koch brothers - Jane Mayer (Fresh Air)

August 24, 2010- Rachel Maddow: Covert Operations: The Billionaire Brothers Who Are Waging War Against Obama

July 29, 2010- Think Progress: David Koch's AFP Astroturf To Repeal AB 32 To Boost Koch Industries' Profits

July 19, 2010- PSA: Social Security Disconnect

June 9, 2010- Koch Industries Astroturf Management Training Program

April 2, 2010- Thom Hartmann: Have Americans become useful idiots for the Koch Industries?

March 31, 2010- Rachel Maddow: Climate change denial- brought to you by Koch

March 31, 2010- David Koch's exhibit at the Smithsonian

March 31, 2010- Smithsonian's Rick Potts Praises 'Philanthropist' David Koch, The Right

March 18, 2010- Greenpeace: Wanted: David and Charles Koch, Climate Criminals

March 8, 2010- Mike Papantonio: The Elite vs. The American People

December 8, 2009- Ship Breaking in Bangladesh

November 5, 2009- David Koch sends 40 buses of protesters to Capital Hill

September 19, 2009- Billionaires For Wealthcare Honor Americans For Prosperity and Donate Big Money!

April 20, 2009- Union Busting

February 8, 2009- CBS: Japan CEO Takes The Bus

January 11, 2009- CNN: When is the last time you saw such a CEO

April 7, 2007- U1TV: Union Busting 101

1946- Despotism

January 11, 1944- Franklin Roosevelt: Fireside Chat. 2nd Bill of Rights  

1936- FDR Issues a Prophetic Statement

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