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George Carlin - It's a big club and you ain't in it

The Prophet, George Carlin; He's been dead almost three years now, and yet here he is, in a clip from 2005, describing the Koch brothers as we are only just now coming to know them.


People For the American Way: Issa’s Sham Hearings: Brought to You by the Koch Brothers

For Immedate Release: 04/13/11:

Issa’s Sham Hearings: Brought to You by the Koch Brothers

On Thursday, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, chaired by Darrell Issa (R-CA), will hold a hearing on state and municipal debt.  Parading a roster of ultra-conservative ideologues including Gov. Scott Walker to the witness stand, Issa will attempt to prove that the best way to move America forward is to deny hard-earned benefits to working Americans and their families in order to preserve tax breaks and other benefits for corporations and the wealthy.  In fact, his hearings are more likely to provide further evidence of the massive influence corporate money has on our democracy, specifically the power of Charles and David Koch, who have lavished financial support on Chaiman Issa, committee members and witnesses.

Press Release: NGOs Call Upon JoAnne Kloppenburg to Petition Court for Hand Recount

NGOs Call Upon JoAnne Kloppenburg to Petition Court for Hand Recount of All Votes Cast in the April 5 Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

WASHINGTON, April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- NGOs  and, whose work in the field of election integrity is national in scope, today called upon Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg to petition the state court to have the entire Supreme Court election in which she was a candidate publicly hand-counted.

Citing publicized problems with the reported results in Waukesha County -- where County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus revealed she had omitted vote counts from the City of Brookfield in unofficial election night countywide totals -- along with a history of inaccurate vote tabulation by electronic voting machines elsewhere in the nation, the groups assert that "There is currently no basis for public confidence in the election results."

Statement & Account of Ramona Kitzinger, Waukesha Board of Canvassers member since 2004:

Posted on Waukesha Co Democratic Party website, April 11, 2011-

(Waukesha County Democratic Party)On Tuesday night, I received a voice message from someone in the office of Clerk Kathy Nickolaus informing me of a Wednesday canvass meeting, which I returned the next morning and said I would be able to report into the canvass by noon � which I did. Normally the canvass would begin at 9am on Thursday, as has been the general practice for many years. No one explained why they were beginning the canvass on Wednesday, just to please report immediately.

Before this telephone call, I had not been contacted as the designated Democratic observer, and I saw no public notice of the abnormal canvass time. The phone call simply instructed me to report by noon to begin the canvass, which I did. The canvass then proceeded as normal, with no glaring irregularities or mention of a possible 15,000 vote error in Brookfield City. Calls for DoJ Investigation into Vote Count Irregularities in Waukesha County, WI

For Immediate Release: Calls for Department of Justice Investigation into Vote Count Irregularities in Waukesha County, Wisconsin

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a stunning development Thursday, 14,315 votes in Tuesday's election for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice were added to the vote total for Waukesha County, the largest Republican-dominated county in Wisconsin, netting 7,582 additional votes for incumbent Justice David Prosser. The additional votes give Prosser the victory in the heated race for the high court. As of Tuesday, challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg had been ahead in the race, according to totals compiled by the Associated Press. These new votes will reverse the election result and add new financial burdens for any recount. now calls for an immediate Department of Justice investigation and impoundment of all voting machines, computer equipment, ballots, memory cards and other evidence in order to verify a fair vote count in Waukesha County. This investigation must include a review of all communications including emails and telephone records between Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus, others in the Waukesha clerk's office, and all outside persons and interested parties to the election dispute.

For the Latest Numbers from Wisconsin

This site has hourly updates of the vote-count (or "vote-count") in Wisconsin:

Prosser Announces Legal Team

April 7, 2011. 2:14PM- Justice David Prosser announced this afternoon the leader of his legal team for the expected recount will be Jim Troupis.

The team will also include Milwaukee-based Attorney Dan Kelly and Ben Ginsberg of Washington, D.C.

“We are preparing for a recount, contingent on the results of the statewide canvas currently underway,” Prosser said.

Ginsberg, of Patton Boggs, worked on the Florida recount in the 2000 presidential race for then-Gov. George Bush.

Posted by JR Ross on WisPolitics.Com

Tea Party Versus the Middle Class

Guest blogged by Lawrence Rafferty on JonathanTurley.Com

April 2, 2011- It seems like everywhere you turn there is a story about the how bad the deficit is and how the government must make drastic cuts to save the economy and reduce the deficit. The Tea Party is clinging to their demands for $100 Billion in budget cuts or they say they will shut down the government. “Rep. Mike Pence (R) of Indiana, a tea party favorite in Congress, urged taking a hard-line on budget cuts – and if that meant a shutdown, then so be it. “If liberals in the Senate would rather play political games and shut down the government instead of making a small down payment on fiscal discipline and reform, I say, shut it down,” Congressman Pence said, eliciting a chant of “Cut or shut! Cut or shut!” from the crowd. Republicans worried about blame for a shutdown might not be so happy with Pence for that.” Christian Science Monitor

Wisconsin Update: As of 11:00AM (ET) Kloppenburg leads by 300 Votes With 5 Precincts Still Out

2 of the 5 precincts are in Milwaukee and 3 of the 5 are in counties that have thus far favored Kloppenburg. There are also reports that a great many provisional and absentee ballots remain to be counted. (These have also been favoring Kloppenburg) Whatever the outcome, it is likely to be very close, and a recount seems almost certain.

The remaining precincts are:

Milwaukee (2) 57/43% Kloppenburg
Jefferson (1) 58/42% Prosser
Taylor (1) 61/39% Prosser
Juneau (1) 52/48% Kloppenburg

UPDATE: 11:41AM (ET) Juneau and Taylor are in- Kloppenburg maintains lead by 224 vote margin.

UPDATE: 12:52PM (ET) AP reported 15 minutes ago that the last two Milwaukee precincts are in, but vote totals still have not changed. ???

UPDATE: 12:55PM (ET) AP vote totals have updated... Show Kloppenburg lead now 235.

AP: Wis. court election too close to call amid anger over union rights law

Groups backing both candidates spend up to $400,000 a day on TV ads

MADISON, Wis. — The race between a conservative-leaning Wisconsin Supreme Court justice and a little-known challenger fueled by a wave of anger over the state's divisive new union rights law was too close to call early Wednesday morning.

Unofficial returns from Tuesday's election showed Justice David Prosser and his opponent, JoAnne Kloppenburg, were separated by fewer than 1,900 votes with 98 percent of precincts reporting. The contest was close enough that a recount appeared likely.

Under Wisconsin election law, a candidate has three days after the official results have been tallied to request a recount.

The candidate must specify a reason for the request, such as a belief a mistake was made in the counting or some other irregularity.

An assistant state attorney general, Kloppenburg began her campaign with almost no name recognition and faced what looked like an uphill fight against Prosser.

Anna Nicole Smith - Her secret connection to the Bush and the Inner Cabal of power in America today.

You probably think that the hysteria over the Anna Nicole Smith case is all media hype. Most of it is, naturally. Gorgeous, blond, nubile woman, married creaky, aged billionaire, inherits unimaginably enormous slug of cash and is done wrong by his rapacious, greedy relatives. Gorgeous woman goes to court and gets a hearing from the Supreme Court after being demeaned, dissed by these same pompous creeps. That is the story that had fired the imaginations of Americans. But the REAL story is actually much more exciting leading us into the inner chambers of power of the multigenerational Robber Barons who have worked so hard to file the serial numbers off the Constitution and transfer owner ship of America to themselves.

First Wis. Recall Petition Will Be Filed Today

-Blogged by James Parks on AFL-CIO Blog

April 1, 2011- The first recall petition will be filed today against a Wisconsin Senate Republican who joined the rigged vote to take away public employees freedom to bargain. Organizers say volunteers have gathered more than the 15,588 signatures needed to trigger a recall election of Sen. Dan Kapanke, who represents the La Crosse area. Recall supporters say they plan to take the petitions to Madison after a rally today at La Crosse City Hall.

This is the first of 19 active recall efforts registered between Feb. 24 and March 2 against 16 senators. The filing comes just before the halfway point in the 60-day window the recall committee has to gather signatures in the district.

The state Democratic Party provided infrastructure support but “not a single paid canvasser was needed to trigger the recall versus Dan Kapanke,” said party spokesman Graeme Zielinski, who credited volunteers for collecting more than 20,000 signatures in less than 30 days.

1st Republican Recalled!

April 1, 2011- This is no Aril Fools joke! This morning The Progressive Change Campaign Committe announced that Wisconsin Democrats have collected enough signatures to recall Republican State Senator Dan Kapanke.

Congratulations to the people of Wisconsin on reaching this first milestone, and may it be the first of many!

Stay tuned- We'll post further updates as we get them.


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